"I love it! How much does it cost?"

The easy answer is that the square footage costs are $31.50-38.50 per square foot, plus shipping and delivery. (If you are a designer, or working with one, please see our note on trade pricing)

"So, what would it cost for my room?" 

That's a little harder to answer. It depends on a lot of factors, like how tall your ceilings are, whether or not you have chair rails, how many windows and doors you have. That's why we need accurate room measurements (here's the easiest way to do that.)

"Can you give me a ballpark?"
Not without detailed measurements. But we made up some sample walls to give you a rough idea. The prices below are just for the wall shown, not a whole room. You'll notice they are all the same height, but the price varies according to how much wall is being covered.










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