Murals in Panels: A Look Inside at Client Photos

This is what elegant panels like these are meant for!

How do you create a lot of art impact without hanging tons of paintings, or covering every square foot of wall with a mural?

By using a mural in panels!

Designer Lynda Gordon made great use of a small mural panel to accent the unusual fireplace. So much more interesting than the usual square picture above the mantel.

This is a huge room in a country club. The piece is small for a mural, but very large for a painting. It draws the eye and anchors the seating group below, making a large room suddenly human-scale and cozy.

Interior Designer Eugene Lawrence created this stunning design in a country club.


Designer Amelia Perez created this peaceful vignette in a music room with our Aldsworth Faded design.

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About the Author:

After studying art at Harvard, Susan got her start doing decorative painting for Boston design legends like William Hodgins and Charles Spada. She spent many enjoyable years painting murals for clients throughout New England. Susan loves creating murals because it combines painting, nature, and making people happy. “It can be a harsh world out there sometimes,” says Susan, “Your home should be a refuge of peace and joy.” When she’s not painting murals, she’s enjoying her new town, the beautiful little Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, WA. She and her small team create the wallpaper in an artist loft overlooking the Salish Sea.