Murals That Say
Welcome Home

The seasons are changing and, I don’t know about you, for me that means a lot more indoor time, get-togethers, and food-centric activities.

If you tend to host the parties, you know that your guests’ first steps inside the door are met with hugs and greetingsthe memories begin right then and there!

And we all know the deep sigh of relief upon coming home after a busy day, especially if some angelic person greets us with a snack and a bevvie. 

I digress. Whether or not you’re the type to host, I’ll bet that your foyer sees more sighs-of-relief than any other room in the house. Just coming home after a long day is the ultimate feeling of safety and comfort. 

On that note, take a look at some of these enchanting entryway murals! I hope they leave you feeling inspired to come home.

The Rowlandson mural has such a luscious, breezy quality to it! What a delight to see this scenic in this beautiful Mediterranean villa setting.

Calmsden True is sets the scene in the Hedsor House foyer. I can’t wait to see the mural in the next show that gets filmed here!

Decorum Interiors created a stunning foyer with the Delft Classic Blue mural! 

Feast your eyes on the entrance to the faculty dining hall of Samford University, after it was beautified by NJ Brock Design Inc. Her fresh take on a classic aesthetic revived the rotunda in this historic building. The Aldsworth Natural scenic wallpaper was the perfect touch!

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