Aldsworth Warm Sample


This is a sample of the Aldsworth Warm mural, printed with the same archival inks and museum-quality canvas as your final scenic wallpaper. For information on ordering and pricing, visit our How It Works page or Contact Us. Scroll down for more information.



“There are so many wonderful old estates and parks in New England, and I’ve spent many a happy weekend doing plein air painting on their grounds. In those gentle, rolling landscapes, warmth is something to treasure, for as the poet said, ‘Spring is quicker than apple blossom’s breath, and summer is much, much too beautiful to stay.’ ”
– Susan Harter

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A Hint on Heights: Though any of our murals can be custom-scaled to your exact room height, we feel the Aldsworth mural looks best at a scenery height of 10′ 10” and under, with a recommended absolute maximum height of 15′. (Please Note: these measurement for are only for the surface to be covered, so a recommended mural height of 8′, for example, would work in a room with a ceiling height of 9′, and base and ceiling moldings of 6” each.) Heights over these suggested limits may be possible by the addition of extra sky above the tree-tops.

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Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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