Palm Beach Fresh Sample


This is a sample of the Palm Beach Fresh mural, printed with the same archival inks and museum-quality canvas as your final scenic wallpaper. For information on ordering, visit our How It Works page or Contact Us. Scroll down for details about this scenic.

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“The palms in the breeze, the warm sandy beaches, the incredible chic…Palm Beach is lush with inspiration! I wanted to paint a mural that would capture the warmth, the light, and the sense of paradise.”
—Susan Harter, Muralist

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A Hint on Heights: Though any of our murals can be custom-scaled to your exact room height, we feel the Palm Beach mural looks best at a scenery height of 12′ and under, with a recommended absolute maximum height of 14′. (Please Note: these measurement for are only for the surface to be covered, so a recommended mural height of 8′, for example, would work in a room with a ceiling height of 9′, and base and ceiling moldings of 6” each.) Heights over these suggested limits may be possible by the addition of extra sky above the tree-tops.

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Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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