3 Pretty Powder Room Murals

3 Pretty Powder Room Murals

Clients sometimes ask, “Can you put a mural in a powder room?” Why yes, you can!

​Perhaps it’s counter-intuitive, but our murals work really well in small spaces. The loose brushwork softens the wall edges, and the distant vistas make the room seem larger. 

Here are 3 murals and the 3 powder rooms they transformed!

Powder Room Mural #1

Here’s a beautiful powder room by designer Kelley Flynn, who used the mural as a “dreamy backdrop that echoed the natural view out the windows”. Featuring the Barringtons Rich scenic wallpaper!

Powder Room Mural #2

This next powder room, features the elegance of the Cotswolds Earth, which pairs beautifully with this marble sink. We love how well they work together! Designed by Shellie Lynch.

Bathroom with Cotswolds Earth mural wallpaper

Powder Room Mural #3

Designer Kosh Palmer wanted something fresh and colorful for her client’s powder room. They loved the big tree and cleverly gave
us such careful measurements of their fixtures that we were able to line up that trunk in just the right spot.

Bathroom with Cotswolds Sky mural wallpaper
Bathroom with Cotswolds Sky mural wallpaper

One client told us the only danger of a powder room mural is that it makes the guests disappear! Once she was hosting a dinner party and returned from the kitchen to find all her guests had left the table. She followed the sound of giggling, and found the whole dinner party crammed in the powder room, admiring her mural!

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