Step into your own peaceful oasis.
With soft brushstrokes and pastel hues, these misty landscapes will make your home a haven.

Aldsworth Faded Mural scenic wallpaper English landscape panel

Aldsworth · Faded

“There are so many wonderful old estates and parks in New England, and I’ve spend many a happy weekend doing plein air painting on their grounds. In those gentle, rolling landscapes, warmth is something to treasure, for as the poet said, ‘That spring, briefer than apple-blossom’s breath. Summer, so much too beautiful to stay.'”
— Susan Harter

Barringtons · Mist

“The soft, misty tones of this mural were inspired by an early morning walk around the grounds of an inn near Paris. The name is borrowed from a character in an old novel, A Daughter of France, and in that moment, I felt like I was one. I painted his mural to eternalize that tranquil moment in France.”
— Susan Harter
Sample of hand painted landscape of english countryside mural with paint swatches

Cotswolds · Mist

“Is there anyone who doesn’t love a gentle country walk in the spring-time? This mural is a tribute to my beloved Cotswolds, an area so lovely that writers such as Jane Austen and T.S. Eliot have found inspiration there. I hope this mural inspires your own happy genius.”‘
— Susan Harter
tropical palm beach misty scenic mural wallpaper

Palm Beach · Mist

“The palms in the breeze, the warm sandy beaches, the incredible chic…Palm Beach is lush with inspiration! I wanted to paint a mural that would capture the warmth, the light, and the sense of paradise.”
— Susan Harter
Pastoral Mist Mural scenic wallpaper muted landscape mural

Pastoral · Mist

“This mural was inspired by the Virginian countryside, in the area around Monticello. There’s a lovely rational order to the architecture there, full of grace and gentility. The sense of refinement seems to extend to the land itself, with every vista lovely, and every path inviting.”
— Susan Harter
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