luxurious bedroom with mint green drapes, hand painted tree of mural wallpaper, antique wood furniture

3 Styling Tips for Serenity at Home

Susan’s Home Design Tips 3 Ways To Style For Serenity I can’t think of a time when creating a peaceful refuge has been more important. Ideally, your home is a place to breathe deeply, rest easily, and…

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elegant grisaille mural wallpaper behind caned bed frame and eclectic bedroom decor

Nursery Murals That Grew Up

Nursery Murals That Grew Up Nurseries are one of the most popular uses for our wallpaper, and it’s easy to see why. The soft, misty landscapes make a soothing atmosphere for babies and for parents. As…

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Stairwell with Cotswolds Mist mural wallpaper

FAQ: Stairway Murals

Our Stairway Murals We’re often asked if our murals can be hung in and around stairwells. The short answer: Yes! Any of our mural designs can be adapted for a simple, standard stairway. But it’s…

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New Year, New Murals!

New Artwork in 2020! I know I’ve been taunting you with the launch of a tropical mural for a while now… Well, get ready, because the Palm Beach collection will be unveiled this month!  The tropical…

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Hand-painted Chinoiserie bird

Hand-Painted VS Block-Printed Murals​

How to Distinguish between Handpainted and Block Printed Murals Two methods of creating wallpaper designs have dominated the luxury market for ages. Both are based on centuries-old techniques. Both require significant time and highly-skilled labor…

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Gray cabinet with scenic mural wallpaper

Grisaille Scenics: Timely & Timeless

Grisaille Scenic Murals Timely & Timeless In the world of mural wallpapers, grisaille has been a longstanding favorite. It’s unique, single-toned look makes it easily adaptable to both modern and traditional spaces, as well as…

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Hallway with resting dog and scenic mural wallpaper painted of the Cotswolds

Light, Color, and Landscape Murals

A Trick of the Light If you’ve done a lot of painting in your interiors, you may have found that your favorite color doesn’t work for every project. Or maybe a color that looked amazing…

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Entryway with Delft Blush mural wallpaper

Entryway & Foyer Scenic Murals

Murals That SayWelcome Home The seasons are changing and, I don’t know about you, for me that means a lot more indoor time, get-togethers, and food-centric activities. If you tend to host the parties, you…

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Hedsor House foyer with scenic mural wallpaper

A Visit to Hedsor House

A Tour Of Hedsor House If you know my artwork, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a total Anglophile. I was delighted when the lovely owners of Hedsor House –an exquisite stately home just outside of…

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Lounge chair with fireplace and scenic mural wallpaper

Our Murals in Modern Spaces

Our Murals In Modern Spaces A few folks have asked me –with, I’ll be honest, a dash of skepticism– exactly how one of my murals would work in contemporary interiors. I adore this question because…

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Paint color suggestions with Rowlandson Blue scenic landscape mural

Paint Palettes

Paint Palettes For Our Muralpapers When you’re out and about in the world, are you able to notice the subtle changes in your psyche as you enter a space? You might suddenly feel relaxed and…

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Alcove with English scenic mural wallpaper

Hallway & Foyer Murals

Scenic Landscape Wallpaper: Hallway & Foyer Murals With parades of loved ones marching through many a home this holiday season, a Susan Harter scenic greets each person like a breath of fresh air. Below, you’ll find…

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Fireplace & Mantelpiece Murals

Welome The Change of Seasons With Fireplace Murals As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is coming to an end… but what better time to beautify your coziest quarters? Our ever-summery murals…

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Room with antique chairs and scenic mural wallpaper

Meet Our New Mural Colorway!

Introducing Our New Colorway Delft Jade We’re thrilled to add this luscious, oceanic colorway to the Delft family! Along with the brand new Delft Jade, take a look below at our other vibrant monochrome murals…

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Aldsworth Faded Mural wallpaper set into panels in modern Living room

Luxurious Living Room Murals

Luxurious Living Room Murals A Look Inside at Client Photos Your living room can –and should– be your favorite place to entertain your favorite people, or your sanctuary for a quiet night in. Enter Susan…

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Pink scenic mural wallpaper

Custom Colorways

Your Murals, Your Colors Your unique design project calls for a unique palette. You have a specific color scheme in mind. You want something tailored perfectly to your space. Let us create a custom color…

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Green dining room with fireplace and scenic mural wallpaper

9 Decorative Dining Rooms

Impress Your Guests With Our Dining Room Murals See how these 9 Decorative Dining Rooms became the most enchanting & enviable gathering places! Warning: Your friends may start asking you to host the next event.…

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Dining room with Delft Black mural wallpaper

Glorious Greys Used 4 Ways

Glorious Greys Used 3 Ways Searching for a way to create interest and elegance in your room?  Whether you have color commitment issues, or you simply prefer a more muted milieu, one of our netural…

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Colorful scenic mural wallpaper in bathroom

3 Pretty Powder Room Murals

3 Pretty Powder Room Murals Clients sometimes ask, “Can you put a mural in a powder room?” Why yes, you can! ​Perhaps it’s counter-intuitive, but our murals work really well in small spaces. The loose…

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3 Murals Styled 9 Ways

3 Murals, 9 Great Looks Landscape Murals Go Traditional, Transitional, & Modern Wondering if murals can work in your room? Whether your style is traditional, modern, or transitional, murals can tie your decorating schemes together…

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“Fabulous mural wallpaper!”

“Fabulous mural wallpaper!” “The fabulous mural wallpaper arrived from Susan Harter and was installed in our dining room last week. I’m thrilled with the way this looks!” Designer Sue De Chiara, The Zhush

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