Project Highlights: A Beautiful Life Begins At Home

A Beautiful Life Begins at Home

2021 Project Highlights

As we roll in year three of this pandemic, what a bright spot it’s been to see all of the lovely, inspiring rooms our clients have created with the help of our murals. I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of pretty. The darker the world outside becomes, the more we need the joy of beautiful things.

What an inspiration to see our clients making their homes into havens of peace and comfort these last two years. I see it as a deep act of faith in the future, in ourselves, and in each other. An appreciation of beauty is, to me, not a flourish on life, but life’s very foundation.

I once read that when female textile workers went on strike for above-subsistence wages, back in Victorian New England, they paced the streets crying, “Give us bread, but give us roses.” All of us long not just for survival, but for the beauty and civilization that make life so well worth living. I thank all of our clients for showing us their determination to build gorgeous spaces, in faith that we will soon gather in them again together, and laugh and eat together and sing once more.

Here are some of our favorites from the past year:

Dining Room Mural for

Pickering House Interiors

Our Barringtons Cool mural lines the tall walls, punctuated by apricot curtains, a dripping crystal chandelier, and his own custom rug design. Joshua Pickering walks a divine line between classical and unexpected in this elegant Dallas dining room. Imagine creating memories with loved ones with this as the backdrop!

Dining Room Mural for


Heather Dewberry, of Huff-Dewberry Inc, commissioned us to make a custom grisaille colorway of the Aldsworth scenic. We’re all in love with it!

Want to know more about custom colorways?

Circular Stairwell Mural for

Underwood Design

For our client Underwood Design, my team and I created this masterpiece for a circular staircase. A feat of artistry and mathematics, I’m delighted that we had a client like Mary Margaret to entrust us with this challenge. We all gained so much from this undertaking, and the final results are beautiful!

Nursery Mural for

Marie Flanigan Interiors

The gift of life and the gift of beauty, together in this nursery designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors. Barringtons Grisaille creates this soft, gentle scene for baby and family.

Dining Room Mural for

Audrey White Design

Three framed Cotswolds Mist panels add so much to this dining room designed by Audrey White Interiors. Framed mural wallpaper panels are great for those who want the impact of a mural without doing a full installation. Added bonus – you can take the mural with you if you move! Ask us about ordering panels!

Resort Lounge at Vanderbilt Auberge Resorts

by Swoon

A deviation from the soft, misty landscapes we’re famous for, Swoon The Studio commissioned us to create this moody Cotswolds colorway. We loved branching out to fit their vision – and what a vision! I strongly encourage you to check out the entire Vanderbilt Auberge redesign they did.
It’s an absolute showstopper.

Want to know more about custom colorways?

My greatest hope is that my artwork will bring happiness and peace into peoples’ lives. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for appreciating and supporting what we do in my studio. We truly love this work.

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