Using Wallpaper in Complex Room Features

"Can I apply your wallpaper in unusual or complex spaces?"

Clients often wonder if it’s possible to apply our wallpaper to an unusually-shaped room feature. For example: arches, alcoves, or angled, slanted, vaulted, or domed ceilings.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb that helps us decide: If you take a single sheet of paper, can you make a model of the feature in question, using only a few simple bends or cuts, all in the same direction? If so, we can likely paper it.

Because photos always help, here are some images to demonstrate what we can and cannot do:

Ceilings & Walls We Can Do

Flat and simple angled walls


Curved walls

A ceiling that has a similar shape, with one curve in it, like half of a cylinder

The Aldsworth Warm mural fills this dining room with life

Angled ceilings that all bend in the same direction

Entryway with Aldsworth Faded mural wallpaper
Aldsworth Faded brightens this curved alcove in an entryway, designed by Morrissey Saypol Interiors

An alcove with a flat or simple curve back

Though we did not paper the ceilings of the arches below, it would have been possible, because they have a simple arch shape, like the hallway image above.

We can also do quite complex shapes, like stairwells, on a case-by-case basis

Ceilings & Walls We Cannot Do

A domed ceiling

This is because we cannot mush a flat sheet of goods into this shape. Even pie-shaped wedges of canvas couldn’t cover it. It would be nearly impossible to plan for and hide the seams.

An alcove with a domed top

For the reasons listed above, under domed ceiling. We can do an alcove with a flat back and simple arched top, but not this.

A wall or ceiling made up of complex folded shapes in different directions

For example, star shape or cloister vaulted ceilings.

With that in mind, if you feel your space might be do-able, please send us pictures of it from every angle, and measurements of each plane (If you haven’t already done so). We’ll work up a quote from there. 
Or, start by visiting our Ballpark Estimator.

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