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3 Ways To Style For Serenity

I can’t think of a time when creating a peaceful refuge has been more important. Ideally, your home is a place to breathe deeply, rest easily, and live as joyously as you can. 

Here are 3 pieces of advice for styling your home with tranqulity – and scenic wallpaper – in mind.


Nature's Palette

Some homeowners worry about growing “tired” of a large scale wallpaper. If you choose one in the palette of nature, it’s going to be easy to live with for years – nay decades – to come. Soft blues, greens, tans and browns are always peaceful. Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects designed this serene bedroom for their lucky clients using the Rowlandson True scenic. The antique wood furniture and mint green drapes are divine!



Not everything in your room needs to be the rock star! If you choose a stunning wallpaper, let the fabrics and furnishings harmonize with it. Courtney Davey of Tuft and Trim knows how design with a coordinated color scheme, as evidenced by the photo below. She used the Barringtons Cool mural as an accent wall in her baby boy’s nursery, which has since evolved into a more multi-functional, multi-generational room. So relaxing for everyone!


Pops of Color

Love color and want to incorporate some brights in your wall scheme? Here’s a quick tip to keep it harmonious: Think of a flower garden. Our eye is drawn to the colorful flowers, but what makes them stand out is the field of dull brown earth beneath, and the background of various greens. Pick a paper where the “brights” are accents, rather than a massive area. If you use your pops of color judiciously, like Mother Nature does, you’ll never find it “too much”. In the mural below (Aldsworth Faded) hints of peach and pink kiss the skyline. Morrissey Saypol Interiors used these coral throw pillows as  brilliant pops of color that tie into the landscape behind it.

Entryway with Aldsworth Faded mural wallpaper

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