Timelessness, wallpaper materials & a client spotlight

When it comes to your investments,
do you opt for trends or timelessness?

hand painted landscape mural with trees and distant mountains

Trends come and go, but murals endure. Susan’s murals are even more popular now than when she started painting in her clients’ homes 30 years ago. Her soft, evocative murals feel perennially fresh. Whether your interior is classic, modern, or always evolving, the scenic wallpaper will make a beautiful backdrop to your life.

Today, I want to share some information about how our mural wallpaper is made to last a lifetime. Keep scrolling to see a gorgeous, timeless project by our client, Kelly McGuill!

Our Materials

The materials we use in our prints are of the same fine art archival quality as Susan’s original murals. We start with a room-sized mural, hand-painted by Susan, and captured with a trade-secret process. That gives our work exceptionally high fidelity. As a result, each mural looks and feels hand-painted. You can see every brush stroke.

As for our canvas, inks, and varnish, we scoured the globe for the very best products available. The mural customization and printing are done by trained artisans in our own studio, using water-based inks in a wide variety of subtle shades. The soft radiant quality of the work can’t be reproduced with typical commercial printing practices, so we do it all ourselves, in our art studio by the Salish Sea.

Why Canvas? Why Varnish?

The choice of canvas has a lot of tradition behind it. I used to do all my hand-painted work in the centuries-old French marouflage technique. I’d paint the original work on huge sheets of theatrical muslin in my studio, which would then be carefully rolled up, transported to the client’s home, and installed by a large crew.

We have tried other substrates, like paper, but the work seemed dull and lifeless compared to the canvas. Paperhangers say it goes up like a dream!

Client Spotlight:

Kelly McGuill Home

And speaking of timeless interiors, this Boston brownstone designed by Kelly McGuill shines brightly. I love seeing a modern/traditional mix. The clean lines of the furnishings are grounding and comforting, not to mention eternally stylish.

Photos by the very talented Erin Little.

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