Murals that Say Hello: A Look Inside at Client Photos

A foyer mural creates a great first impression!

What do people see when they enter your home? This homeowner wanted a space that would hint at the whole house.

The mural tied together a palette of soft greens and blues in all the surrounding rooms. The effect was cheerful and peaceful, just like the homeowner herself. This is a happy home, and you feel it from the first moment.

Don’t be afraid to hang mirrors or other art pieces on top of a mural for a rich, layered effect.

Rising NYC design star Bennett Leifer used a grisaille mural to create a wonderful tone in this pre-War apartment.  The long hallway had many angles, door, and bump-outs which the mural helped unified into one calm, cohesive space.

As seen on the Luxe Deco blog, Bennett Leifer did an amazing job with this hallway.