Royal Box Set for Select Designers


The Royal Box Set will delight your heart and your eyes with samples of all 31 of our scenic murals. Susan developed her luminous color-ways through working with some of the nation’s best interior designers. You’ll be sure to find the perfect mural for your own design scheme in this comprehensive collection.

Each sample size is about 6″ and 16″ and is printed on the same archival canvas as our mural wallpaper.

Scroll down to see all the mural samples included in Royal Box Set.

Luxury mural wallpaper samples in a box with ribbon



The Royal Box Set includes samples of our complete collection of scenic mural wallpapers.
You will receive all of the samples below:

Palm Beach Collection
Panel of palm tree and water in hand painted tropical scenic landscape mural tropical palm beach misty scenic mural wallpaper

Aldsworth Collection
Aldsworth Natural scenic mural wallpaper Aldsworth Faded Mural scenic wallpaper English landscape panel Aldsworth Warm scenic mural wallpaper panel

Barringtons Collection
Barringtons Cool scenic mural wallpaper panel Gray scenic mural wallpaper panel

Calmsden Collection
Grisaille scenic mural wallpaper panel Sepia scenic mural wallpaper panel

Cotswolds Collection
 Sample of hand painted landscape of english countryside mural with paint swatches Cotswolds Earth Mural scenic wallpaper sepia mural

Delft Collection
Black scenic mural wallpaper panel Blue scenic mural wallpaper panel Blue scenic mural wallpaper panel Sample of green willowa ware monochromatic hand painted scenic mural wallpaper

Pastoral Collection
Pastoral Spring Mural scenic wallpaper soft landscape mural Pastoral Mist Mural scenic wallpaper muted landscape mural Pastoral Warm Mural scenic wallpaper soft landscape mural Sample section of hand painted grey/grisaille landscape mural with tall tree Panel of hand painted tree from grisaille grey landscape mural

Rowlandson Collection
Sample of billowy tree in hand painted landscape mural with paint color swatches Sample of blue hue billowy tree from a hand painted landscape scenic mural Gray scenic mural wallpaper panel

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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