A Tour Of
Hedsor House

If you know my artwork, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a total Anglophile. I was delighted when the lovely owners of Hedsor House –an exquisite stately home just outside of London, near Cliveden– called tot ell me that Susan Harter Muralpapers was just the thing they’d been searching for for their entrance hall!

Even if you haven’t visited Hedsor House, it may be familiar to you from their impressive show-reel. If you’ve ever watched Downton Abbey, Veep, Brighton Rock, Fleabag, or America’s Next Top Model, you might recognize this handsome house. A hot-spot for celebrities and nobility, its rich history of distinguished visitors reaches back to 1166!

Once we finished the project, I just had to pay a visit and share the photos with all of you. Enjoy!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The folks at Hedsor know that adding artful details to a foyer’s design can take it from a room to rush through, and make it into a first impression one won’t soon forget!

As you’ll see blow, Calmsden True is an enchanting way to greet Hedsor House guests…

Now that my part of the show is over, let’s continue on to the rest of the house.
I can’t resist sharing with you a few more rooms of this glorious estate!

As the afternoon turned into evening, the ceilings, pillars and chandeliers gradually illuminated…

If you don’t mind, we’ll stroll through Calmsden True once more on our way out…

And if you find yourself wanting to take this stroll over and over again, you can order samples of this muralpaper to see (and feel!) for yourself why Hedsor House loves it so much!

The rest of my UK journey was extraordinary, exhausting, productive, challenging, and beyond rewarding. I did, after all, get to spend some time admiring sweet Heather of Hedsor (above right)! 

Thank you for letting me share this leg of my trip with you, and for taking the time to appreciate this project with me!
 I’ll share more from my travels with you soon, on this here blog!