Grisaille scenic mural wallpaper

Our Murals In
Modern Spaces

A few folks have asked me –with, I’ll be honest, a dash of skepticism– exactly how one of my murals would work in contemporary interiors. I adore this question because I get to show them just how splendid the results can be.

Fear not, my friends, you don’t need a traditional home and marble columns to don a Susan Harter mural!

Take a look below to see how designers used my mural wallpapers to create an exquisite backdrop for modern decor…


Calmsden - Grisaille

This feature on The Zhush spotlights one of our favorite designers, Bennett Leifer, and shows how he used Calmsden Grisaille in a gorgeous powder room design!

This instant room shows another way in which our Calmsden Grisaille mural makes a beautiful backdrop for spaces with a clean, modern aesthetic. 

Allison Grace Design created a serene dining room with neutrals and blues. We think Calmsden Grisaille was the perfect way to soften the atmosphere!

Barringtons - Rich

Designer Kelley Flynn made a peaceful powder room for her client using our Barringtons Rich mural. A small room can make a huge impact!

Calmsden - Custom Colorway

We took the Calmsden mural and created a custom black colorway for our clients Alexander Butler Design Services. The naturalism in this mural panel collaborates beautifully with the organic shapes in the marble counter top and the straight lines of the modern appliances.

Aldsworth - Faded

Isn’t Aldsworth Faded in this curved entryway just a dream? Thank you, Elizabeth Saypol of Morrissey Saypol Interiors!

Barringtons - Cool

Gavin Barbara Designs created a completely unique and glamorous dining room with Barringtons Cool!

Rowlandson - True

Rowlandson True adds such an enchanting feel to this relaxed living room, you can almost feel a gentle breeze!

Want more modern murals?

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modern spaces!