Impress Your Guests With

Our Dining Room Murals

See how these 9 Decorative Dining Rooms became the most enchanting & enviable gathering places!

Warning: Your friends may start asking you to host the next event.

· ONE ·

Why not make your dining room a place to linger, like this luxuriant, glowing space by Carter & Co of Boston?

· TWO ·

Does your room have features like chair rails, archways, or a fireplace? We’ll design your mural around them. This Aldsworth Natural Landscape really highlights the architecture in this 1700s home!


This NYC dining room by Gavin Barbara is so glamorous! Isn’t it fun how they placed the mirror on a tree? And look at the amazing job that paperhanger did on the vent. Our paper is so easy to work with!

· FOUR ·

Need an unusually sized mural? We can do it! Theo & Isabella Group used our mural as a ceiling border in this transitional dining room. We think it’s absolutely lovely.

· FIVE ·

Hannon Douglas created a stunning, moody backdrop for this opulent dining room using a custom color of the Cotswolds mural that matched their Farrow & Ball colors.

Cotswolds Earth monochromatic modern diningroom mural

· SIX ·

Some folks may not know just how bright and joyful a grisaille mural can be!


This low-ceiling dining room from the late 1600s gets a lift with our Pastoral Mist mural. Didn’t Michael Carter of Carter & Co make a peaceful dining room?


Colored woodwork creates a warm, enveloping atmosphere in these two uses of Calmsden True. Susan Jenckes from Elements of Design is responsible for the dining room above!

· NINE ·

Our Aldsworth Faded muralpaper created a sense of enchantment in our sweet client’s dining room. “Every time I’m in the dining room, I smile!” – Maureen H, client