Dining room with Delft Black mural wallpaper

Glorious Greys Used 4 Ways

Glorious Greys Used 3 Ways

Gray scenic mural wallpaper

Searching for a way to create interest and elegance in your room? 

Whether you have color commitment issues, or you simply prefer a more muted milieu, one of our netural muralpapers may be the ideal backdrop for your room. 

The soft, harmonious hues–greys, blues, browns, & blacks–are the perfect way to elevate your space!

Bathroom with scenic mural wallpaper panel

We created a custom Calmsden colorway for our client Alexander Butler Design Services. This mural panel pulls you right into this gorgeous wash room!

Delft Black modern landscape mural in cream black and cream living room

Don’t forget the living room when you’re considering a scenic wallpaper for your home! See how our Delft Black mural enlivens this monochromatic room.

Dining room with Delft Black mural wallpaper

Designer Stacy Bennett used our Delft Black mural to create an inviting dining room for her mother, Robin Bridges. Just in time for a holiday party!

See How The Design Stars Did It!

Don’t see the grisaille you’re looking for? We can create a custom colorway for you as we did for these designers.

Check out The Zhush to see how a custom blackened version of our Calmsden muralpaper looks in Sue De Chiara’s dining room!

Interior designer Bennett Leifer loved our Calmsden Grisaille wallpaper but wanted a denser pattern, so we created a similar colorway for him with the Barringtons scenic.

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