Our Stairway Murals

We’re often asked if our murals can be hung in and around stairwells. The short answer: Yes! Any of our mural designs can be adapted for a simple, standard stairway. But it’s important to note the mural layout.

The horizon line in our murals will remain flat, so the landscape won’t follow the angle of the stairs. It’ll just continue straight across as the stairway rises. As you continue up the stairs, the landscape drops away and the sky extends upward, as seen below 

Stairwell with Cotswolds Mist mural wallpaper

If that is not the effect desired, then we can create a custom arrangement of the landscape, as shown in the stairwell below. Such work would, of course, require additional design fees, dependent on the complexity of the project. 

Stairway with Cotswolds Mist mural wallpaper


For larger, more complex stairways, we created a special double-height scenery option for our Barringtons mural. This option is particularly well-suited to a  dramatic, soaring stairwell. From the upper landings, it appears as though you are gazing out over a vast expanse of countryside. 

Sending some pictures of your stairway will help us guide you toward the best design option.

What We Need to Know

When it comes to measuring your stairway, aside from the required measurements detailed in our Measurement Guide, we’ll need three additional measurements:

  • The floor to ceiling height on each floor level
  • The angle of the stairs
  • And if you have a chair-rail, the height from chair-rail to floor (or stair step)

Most smart phones have angle measuring apps that work quite well. If you have an iPhone, there’s one hidden in the compass tool you can access by swiping left on the compass screen. Be sure to record a few readings so we can calculate an average.

Stairway angle measurement on iPhone

A stairway mural may sound a bit intimidating, but with some care and attention to detail, they’ll go up just as smoothly as a standard wallpaper. And they’re always worth it!