Did you know that our muralpapers are made in America?

Curious about where the mural magic happens? Read on for a peek into our studio!

From Our Studio to Your Home

We entrust the creation of your mural to no hands but our own. That’s why our mural wallpapers are created from start-to-finish,
right here in our own studio. 

Made in the USA

We’re fortunate to live and work in a secluded Victorian seaport, on the remote tip of the Olympic Peninsula. We’re about as far north as you can get before you arrive in Canada. It’s quiet and beautiful here⁠—the perfect place for an artist to work! The murals are painted, reproduced, customized, and printed right here in our very own studio under Susan’s careful eye.

Production As Usual

We’re buzzing along smoothly on our usual schedule, and we know how important it is you meet yours. Since we make our work and source our materials in the U.S., we’ve been unaffected by recent shortages. We like to plan ahead, and we’ve laid in lots of extra supplies. As a client recently told us, “Knowing that you and your team have our back is huge!”

traditional dining room with a chandelier, mint green chairs, and misty landscape mural wallpaper

Mural Samples

Peruse Susan’s murals and order samples any time! Each sample shows a range of colors from the full mural to help you coordinate your design scheme, and is printed on the same fine art canvas that our wallpaper is printed on.

A little mural inspiration for you...

Carter & Co, brilliant as always, used Barringtons Mist in this divine dining room (left).