Introducing Our New

Palm Beach Collection

Susan’s new Palm Beach mural captures the essence of the tropical island: the swaying palms in the warm breeze; the turquoise waters, calm and welcoming; the ubiquitous sense of tranquility and chic.

With this serene landscape, we invite you to turn your home into your own personal paradise.

elegant english dining hall restaurant with teal and green chairs and a tropical beach mural wallpaper over the fireplace

Palm Beach Scenic in 4 Colorways

Susan's Palm Beach Story

         One way we’ve been keeping our spirits up around the office these last few weeks is to remember happier moment and beautiful places. Since for so many of us, those times happen on vacation, we’ve decided to introduce you all to our latest mural, inspired by my visit to Palm Beach last year.

All I could think, as former East Coast crew team member, was that this lovely flat water cried out for a scull. Alas, none in sight.

         The name itself conjures up a tropical paradise, and this magical little island delivered. The beach is glimpsed from everywhere, between the fine homes of pale cream or pink stucco, across from the rolling, immaculate lawns. I created this mural as a kind of souvenir. We can’t always be on the beach, I suppose, but I like to have that feeling as often as I can. I can easily slip into reverie of relaxing in a wicker lounge on a cool, tiled veranda, ice tinkling in my glass, and beyond it, these breezy palms sighing, and the soft ocean. 

Even ordinary spaces, like this hotel back courtyard, are transformed by tropical gardens in lush, carefree abundance. Hungry? Reach up and grab a banana – nature is lavish here.

Palm Trees and Stucco Mansion in Palm Beach

Sure, a pristine white mansion can be admirable, but it’s the deliciously pale, pink stucco beauties who stole my heart.

Red tile roofs and Spanish style architecture are a wonderful 1920s feature in Palm Beach. It’s hard to believe you are still in the States, here, not some luscious Mediterrean hide-away.

Grand Palm Beach estate with pristine hedges

Spanish architecture not your thing? No worries, the mansions of Palm Beach show influences from around the world. Perhaps this bit of Italianate style could be your dream home. Note the perfect trim on those bushes, you could roll a beach ball along the top.

Palm Beach Entryway
Palm Beach Dusk with beautiful building and palm trees

The evening light may have been fading but I could not resist walking and walking around these pleasant streets. If heaven is manicured and tropical, it must look something like Palm Beach!

There’s a certain generosity in Palm beach public spaces, inviting nooks and crannies like this full of chairs, tables, and chaise longue that invite lingering….

Evening Scene in Palm Beach

Did Edward Hopper, I wonder, ever see Palm Beach? Every night time scene reminded me of his Night Cafe, minus the melancholy….

There’s nothing quite like returning from a beautiful place and feeling inspired to make art. I hope my tropical mural makes you feel warm, relaxed, and at peace for years to come.