Nursery Murals That Grew Up

Nurseries are one of the most popular uses for our wallpaper, and it’s easy to see why. The soft, misty landscapes make a soothing atmosphere for babies and for parents. As families grow and change, Susan’s sophisticated murals evolve along with them.

See how these brilliant designers have reimagined their kids’ rooms as they grow up!

A Whimsical Nature-Themed Nursery Fit for a Prince

Courtney Davey, interior designer of Tuft and Trim fame, created this peaceful nursery design for her newborn back in 2018, using our Barringtons Cool mural.

“When we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to design a whimsical nursery that reflected both my husband’s and my love for nature. I envisioned a space brought to life with a landscape of trees, furry animals friends, and magical storybook tales. It was important to me that the space not only evoked imagination, but also carried a classic sophistication.”

She did a beautiful job bringing her vision to life, didn’t she?

Read more on her blog, here

A Time to Change & Rearrange

Believe me, rearranging furniture is a welcome chore, even a compulsion, for most interior designers! This wall is too pretty to not play around with, Courtney said in her blog post.

I’ll never tire of watching what she comes up with.

Barringtons Cool

Order samples of the Barringtons Cool mural wallpaper here!

Henry's Nursery Mural

Nursery with Calmsden Grisaille mural wallpaper

Back in 2015, as designer Erin Gates (creator of Elements of Style) was preparing to welcome her first baby to the world, she wrote in her blog, As you know, I went with a serene scheme aimed at calming not only the little guy but myself as well. I knew I wanted to do a scenic wallpaper and chose this Susan Harter muralpaper (Calmsden in Grisaille) to base the room on. It’s SO gorgeous, a real work of art. We want Henry to love being outside, so hopefully this starts him off on the right foot.

Music to my ears! Gentle, calming harp music…

Read her blog post here.

Cute nursery with gray scenic mural wallpaper

From Baby's Room to Guest Quarters

Erin explains in her blog post that she chose the Calmsden Grisaille mural specifically because she knew it would make the transition to another type of space. In both versions of this room, I love the way she chose modern design elements to pair with the classic, elegant wallpaper. What lucky guests!

Photo credit: Sarah Winchester Studios

Calmsden Grisaille

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Pantone's Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

In celebration of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, I’d love to show you another nursery design using our Delft Classic Blue mural. The room below is by our beloved client Amy Berry – Yet another nursery that an interior designer created for their own child using one of our murals! You can order samples of this mural wallpaper here.

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